Mumau's Server 2.0 (Mumau's Reloaded) - Need Builders!

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Re: Mumau's Server 2.0 (Mumau's Reloaded) - Need Builders!

Postby hartmde » Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:12 pm

MLCRO wrote:A couple weeks ago I recieved a copy of the server map. Everything is just how mumaus was right before it was taken off the air. I've been deciding on whether or not to start a server again...

A long time ago I ran a server that was running smoothly and gaining lots of success. Running a server really does take time, which is something that I don't have right now. I'm contacting some old friends to see whether this decision would be worth it. That damn plot plugin will be hard to recreate tho haha.


I have some big ideas, just looking to see whether doing this will be worth my time

any chance you still have a copy of the map and would be willing to send it to me? kinda want to walk through it and be reminded of all the good times.
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