Junk E.T. Keyboard/Mouse Controls

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Junk E.T. Keyboard/Mouse Controls

Postby moomat » Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:07 pm

A few people are a little confused about how to actually play Junk E.T., so this post is a brief overview of the default controls available in Junk E.T., as well as some information about how to reconfigure them to your liking.

Default Game Controls

By default, you can play Junk E.T. with the following keys:

  • Move Up: W
  • Move Down: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Dash: Left Shift
  • Shoot: Mouse 1 (left button)
  • Use Item: E
  • Equipment: Mouse 2 (right button)
  • Flashlight: F
  • Menu: Escape

Configuring the default controls

When you launch the game, you'll be in the game's main menu. Click the "Options" button in order to activate the Options Menu, from which you can change some basic settings for the game, which may or may not be of value to you.

If you click on "Input Config" you will be taken to a screen where, if you'd like, you can change the default keyboard keys which you use to control your character. Simply click on the action you'd like to modify, at which point that action should be highlighted in red. Then, press the keyboard key you would like to use for that control. It should now appear next to the action.

If you'd like to experiment with alternative controls, you can use the "Primary" and "Secondary" columns under that config in order to set more than one button for a given game action.

You can also access the configuration menu in-game by pressing the "escape" key, or whatever key you assigned as the "menu" key in the input config.

In future versions of the game, gamepad support will be available. However, as of the time of this article (Alpha v0.17) only keyboard/mouse support is available in Junk E.T.
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